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Woodpecker Repair

Stucco Woodpecker RepairAt Rhino Stucco, we love wildlife, just not when it is attacking our homes. Springtime is the season for woodpeckers and that means woodpecker damage. In Colorado, the most common woodpecker you’ll see is the Northern Flicker, but you might also have to battle against Red-Headed, Red-naped Sapsucker or Downy woodpeckers.

These feathered friends tend to hammer against the side of our homes to attract mates, as well as defend their territory or search for insects. They cause damage to your home or office building by hammering holes into the stucco, which leads to cracks and allows water damage to begin. The best chance you have against woodpeckers is to act fast since they can easily be deterred from returning if they notice their drumming location has been compromised.

Rhino Stucco can patch and repair your stucco systems. We can patch existing holes, or provide a binding repair to create a seamless appearance that won’t show any sign of repair. Contact our skilled team to find the solution that works best for you.

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