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before stucco installationWhile stucco has become an extremely popular choice due to its cost efficiency, low maintenance care and stylish curb appeal, a stucco installation that is done improperly can lead to water damage and problems down the road for the home or business owner. Rhino Stucco ensures that their stucco installations will utilize proper sealant practices. Proper sealant techniques create a waterproof barrier around your home that is also breathable. This ensures that water won’t penetrate and cause damage, but will also allow moisture from humidity and rainfall to escape before it can lead to mold and rotting wood.

We use only the highest quality products and practices to ensure that your project is done correctly and safely the first time.  Unfortunately, there are companies out there that don’t take the care that Rhino Stucco does, and if you have been subjected to improper installation by other companies, we can help you with proper stucco sealants and repair.

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