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A perception often encountered in the maintenance industry is that stucco cannot be installed or repaired in the winter months. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact there are several maintenance issues that should be taken care of in the winter months. One of these issues is sealant application around windows, doors and other penetrations.  Sealing these areas will prevent additional heating costs as well as moisture intrusion issues.

Windows and doors are major culprits causing loss of heat, and loss of heat equals loss of money. Windows and doors inherently lose heat in the winter and air conditioning effectiveness in the summer, because these wall penetrations do not have the insulating value of an exterior wall. This problem is compounded if sealant between penetrations and stucco has not been applied or if the sealant is old and delaminating. Proper sealants (urethane and specially formulated silicone sealants) should be applied. These specialized sealants are formulated to withstand ultra violet exposure from the sun and moisture intrusion. UV exposure can reduce latex and most silicone to waste in a very short time.

Notice I use the term sealant instead of caulk. Caulk is used by painters to fill gaps, mostly for aesthetic reasons. A sealant is a barrier against weather intrusion and should be applied at all penetrations in the stucco.

There are plenty of temperature breaks in the winters of Colorado, sealants can be applied in mild weather and will begin saving heat and money as soon as it is applied. The coming spring will bring driving rain that will inevitably cause water intrusion causing mold, mildew and structural damage. Sealant application is a very important but often-underestimated solution to heat loss and moisture intrusion.

Rhino Stucco can resolve the problem of a lack of sealant or improperly installed sealants. We will apply sealant using the most up-to-date installation techniques as well as the best products available.

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