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For thousands of years, the best minds have been experimenting with plasters. Evidence of mixing minerals and experimenting with various binding materials can be seen from the Pyramids of the Egyptians to the Temples of the Mayans. Today, our technology has advanced to the point where we have a wide variety of stucco options at our fingertips.

Rhino Stucco takes advantage of all of these technologies to provide our customers with the best possible services and systems. We are constantly educating our staff on the newest techniques and products. Because we have been in the business for over 25 years, we have acquired the skills to provide our customers with a variety of services.

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New Hard Coat Stucco Install

Hard Coat Stucco is a stucco applied in two or three coats to either a solid base like a masonry or concrete wall or a metal lath. Hard coat stucco installation is a great way to provide your home or business with a unique facelift, and because our plasterers are the most skilled in the business, they can customize the final look through a varied approach to application. Hard Coat Stucco is a versatile option and has been proven to work in all climates. This stucco material is water resistant and it allows moisture to escape, which, when installed correctly by experts, reduces the risk of rot and damage. Our professional plasterers will work with meticulous detail through each phase of the Hard Coat Stucco installation process to ensure you are thrilled with the final result.

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Stucco Installation and Repair

Perhaps you’ve decided on a stucco remodel. Since stucco adds value to your home and is flexible enough for any and all styling aesthetics, it is the perfect choice for homeowners or business owners who are looking to update the look of their building and add resale value. If you work with professionals like Rhino Stucco, stucco installation can save you money because it requires minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, if installed improperly, stucco can lead to a variety of complications. If you worked with the wrong contractors for your initial stucco installation, and are now in need of stucco repair, we can quickly and affordably help you with all of your stucco repairs. Some of the most common stucco repairs that are needed are issues with staining, cracking and mold, and Rhino Stucco is trained to handle them all!

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Woodpecker Repair

Although they are very cute, woodpeckers can be a real pain when it comes to your stucco. Luckily our trained professionals can repair woodpecker damage to your stucco and bring the exterior of your home or office back to its original beauty. Rhino Stucco offers you a variety of repair options that appeal to every budget.

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Sealant Applications

Stucco is an extremely durable option, but over time, it can develop cracks or imperfections. Correctly applying sealant to stucco as a preventative step can reduce the need for repairs down the road. The trained professionals at Rhino Stucco can not only work with you to create a plan to preemptively protect against damage but work with you if cracks or holes do appear in your stucco.

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EIFS Removal and Replace with Stucco

Although EIFS and stucco have similar looks, EIFS is notorious for accruing weather damage. While some newer systems have been updated, in general, the key problems with EIFS is that there is no place for drainage and this means that you’re looking at serious mold and moisture problems. Sometimes problems with EIFS can be repaired, but other situations require a complete EIFS removal and replacement with stucco. This can be a large project, but if done correctly, will save the home or business owner money and time in the long run.

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