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HCS (Hard Coat Stucco) Installation

There are multiple stucco installation options, and one of the most popular is Hard Coat Stucco Installation. Hard Coat Stucco Installation, or HCS, has many perks. It is important to do your research and talk to a trusted professional to select the option that is best for your home or business.

What is HCS?

HCS is a stucco installation system that is a versatile choice as it can be applied to varied surfaces such as siding and brick.

Why Choose HCS Installation?


Because it can be applied directly to traditional surfaces such as siding or brick, it eliminates the need to take these materials down before installing the Hard Coat Stucco. This reduces the overall time that the project will take for the building owner.


In addition to saving the consumer time, Hard Coat Stucco installation can also save the home or business owner money. For starters, HCS only requires one layer of base coat. Additionally, the long-lasting, lower maintenance upkeep saves the consumer money in the long run.


Hard Stucco Installation tends to be more durable than a synthetic stucco material. This protects the exterior of your home better from dings, damaging weather, and the dreaded woodpecker and other critters. This material is also fire- and sound-proof. Another key reason why consumers decide on HCS installation is because it tends to be less likely to absorb water.

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